Those who are dreaming of moving to Australia may be on the right track. Working in Australia so that you could become a citizen could be the best decision. Did you know that this country has a very powerful passport? No, it’s not exactly at the top spot, but it still is in top 20, which is already considered very good considering that there were 199 countries that were considered for it.

aus_migrate1According to the Nomad Passport Index, Australia is at the 16th place as the most valuable passport in the world. Those who have been working in Australia to seek citizenship were right all along. The said report came from the global consulting firm Nomad Capitalist.

For the assessment, countries were scored based to the following criteria – taxation, visa-free travel, dual citizenship, overall freedom, and perception. Australia performed is some key areas, where it was able to bag its rank, tied together with that of United Kingdom. Sources say that it fared well on dual citizenship, freedom, and perception.  This means that migration to Australia and getting your citizenship along with a passport will mean that you will be considered by other nations as a citizen of good reputation. On top of that, you will also be given the chance to hold dual citizenship as well as enjoy the freedom that the Aussies are already relishing as of this moment.

As for the taxation  and visa-free travel, this is what pulled Australia’s rank down. Visa-free travel accounted for the 50% of the total rating. With an Australian passport, you will be allowed to travel to 169 countries visa-free. Now, Germany fared a lot better in this category where their citizens are given visa-free access to a total of 177 countries.

Which among the 199 had the best scores? So far, European citizens are considered to have the most valuable passports in the world. The most powerful is Sweden. Their passport allows citizens to visit to 176 countries. While Germany obviously did better in this category, Sweden did better in other categories. This has an “excellent reputation” overseas, Swedish can hold multiple citizenships, citizens can escape Swedish taxes if they move abroad, and just like the Aussies, they have personal freedom.

Now, working in Australia to get a citizenship may not be your aim. Maybe you just want to earn some extra money to improve your finances. For people who just want entry to the country so that they could provide a better life for their families back home, Australia has a Working Holiday Visa that allows you live and even work in the country for up to a maximum of two years. For more information, consult with migration services.

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