Officially, Republic of Fiji, publicly just Fiji is a lovely state slightly smaller than New Jersey, and is more or less a bunch of about 332 islands, mostly consisting of private isles lie in the Pacific Ocean. Fiji is a Melanesian country just 3 to 4 hours away from any city of Australia and New Zealand. Nearly one million tourists have visited Fiji Islands in 2015 alone; the figure is greater than its own population of 860,000. Nearer to Australia and New Zealand, it is blessed with one of the most striking coral reefs making way for a booming tourism influx. With most of the Indians migrating towards the islands back in the 30s, they are driving the economy of Fiji and represents half of Fiji’s population.

If you are planning some oceanic vacation, Fiji tropical islands is all you needed. Singles, couples, and families can equally enjoy the isolated and luxurious environment.  Warm waters, with white sandy beaches, coconut trees, and 5-star resorts mark an impeccable combination for landscape lovers. Island is usually visited by Australians, followed by New Zealanders, mostly in summer holidays; Australian investment is a main source of recurring tourism in Fiji. Some of the Hollywood blockbusters including Castaway and Anaconda were recorded entirely in Fiji.


The sightseeing begins at the Nadi International Airport. Nadi is the best place to fill up your luggage with souvenir items before discovering the appealing excellence of Fiji through a road trip in a cheap car rental. It is the only choice for air travellers to start their journeys. So, explore Nadi’s culture and do some shopping first hand. Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple, a mosque, and up-to-date resorts are robust signs of Nadi culture and economy. The next day, you might be hiring a cruise or helicopter to witness Mamanuca Islands northwest of Vitu Levu, remember the castaway was filmed here. There are luxury resorts and a memorial at the filming site of the blockbuster movie. Make sure to capture those moments.


Somewhere near Vitu Levu,the largest island in Fiji with capital Suva in the east, Beqa Island is famous as fishing capital of Fiji, just 50 feet below the surface, beautiful, low-lying coral ridges, fishes, seahorses, hundreds of diving sites and the whole lot you saw in national geographic is there to witness live. Experiencing best spa and Sawau tribe’s lovo tradition is worth viewing. Taveuni is the greenish of all Fiji isles, experience everything from steep hills, to amusing waterfalls. Lavena Coastal Walk is a five km coastal line ending up with a fresh water stream.   Fiji’s second-largest island, Vanua Levu is rich in culture because of its rural atmosphere, special native dance, traditional music performance, sevu-sevu ceremony, and customary kava drinking. Luxurious family resorts with internet facility and private pools make it a paradise on earth. At last, be cool at Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool in Nadi, get muddy, and relax in Sabeto hot spring just a few steps away from the dirt pond.

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