Thailand is one of the most culturally rich and exotic countries in the Asian continent. It is known for the thousands of golden Buddhas, intricate palaces, flavorful food, and picture-perfect islands. If you are planning to stay there for a few days, weeks or months, there is no problem at all because Thailand hotels offer the best rates, promos, and discounts for travelers.

temple-1212030-640x480Sometimes, lodging makes up half of trips’ overall expenses. If one is not so conscious of staying in five-star or four-star hotels, it can save one hundreds of dollars. It’s best to spend more on the experience – sightseeing, food, transportation, and souvenirs, most especially if one’s visiting the most travelled areas like Bangkok and Phuket. But, booking for Bangkok accommodation, likewise in Phuket Island is still possible with these few hacks.

It’s unavoidable to skip checking online. Nowadays, there are many legitimate booking sites all over the internet. Most of the time, it’s cheaper to book rooms and tours from these sites rather than heading directly to a hotel or resort’s page. Majority of Thailand hotels also offer free breakfast packages or extensions free of charge. Booking ahead is also recommended since they’re mostly cheaper and there are more choices for rooms or suites. Since their prices also vary depending on the season or occasion, it’s better to book free cancellable rooms so one can choose or look for a more affordable alternative. Prime locations such as Bangkok, have many leading hotel chains that can offer a wider selection of discounted rooms.

The best Bangkok hotels to stay in are usually those located near the malls, temples, and palaces. Considering the upbeat nightlife of this city, it’s more practical to choose accommodations in the hub of activity, where there are plenty of bars, pubs, and night markets. On the other hand, beach lovers prefer their Phuket accommodation by the coast. With a spectacular view of the Andaman Sea, travelers can also have a glimpse of the sunsets, visit the lagoons, and enjoy outdoor and hydro sports. Since a lot of people want to bask under the sun, it’s expensive to fly to Phuket during peak season. Booking during the off-peak period starting April will give tourists lower prices.

Sometimes it’s reasonable to splurge on oneself during vacation, but a great getaway shouldn’t always be expensive. Researching before your trip will help you choose great deals from the many Thailand hotels, superb restaurants and numerous tourist spots. By being smart and practical, one can see more, eat more, and enjoy more in the end.

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