We don’t manage to travel as much as we want to. But when we do, we make sure that we make the most of it. That’s why we love the Sydney experience we had recently, especially the ones that our boutique hotel, with its veranda awning and all, provided for us.

Boutique Hotels are Stylish


Although comfort is a primary concern, we can’t help but fall in love with how stylish boutique hotels are in Sydney. They can certainly help make each of your photographs impressive. From the driveway alone, you will already appreciate what a good sight they are. They have excellent curb appeal, especially with those veranda awnings on.

The hotel façade has many rustic elements that would make you look back in time. The veranda awning for one is a sneak peak to what a classic beauty those boutique hotels were.

If the outside is a beauty, wait until you get in. We certainly could not get enough of our lodging facilities. Their exquisite styling makes them a valuable place to be in. We had a cosy and comfy time that made us feel all at home.

The shutters and blinds are especially remarkable. They offer significant shade for the optimum privacy of hotel guests. They also provide a window through the scenic Sydney that was eagerly waiting for us outside. It was a wondrous sight.

There are many different types of shutters that are made available. Each is styled differently to match the interiors of the rooms as well as the hotel design. Even when they come in different designs, their offer of protection and privacy are the same. You should not mind, therefore, if your hotel room has a wire guide blind or another. They will function the same anyway.

It is also important to note that having an awning in your hotel room veranda allows you to enjoy beautiful Sydney. It’s a great place to have a filling breakfast, an afternoon tea, or even a couple of drinks to relax and chill out. We don’t mind coming back to this cosmopolitan anytime. We know that boutique hotels will be waiting for us to enjoy the best of the destination.

Next time you are coming to Sydney, pay attention to the window coverings and awnings installed. Just like how we had our vacations, you will surely enjoy the comfort that they offer any time of the day.

Get inspirations on the shutters or blinds that many accommodations in Australia have. Or, check out http://www.bosetti.com.au/.

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