The three islands paradise in the northwest tip of Lombok in Indonesia is perfect for beach holidays. When you come over, looking for amazing travel experiences and multi-star Gili Islands accommodation, you will not be disappointed. There are many amazing reasons that should prompt you to take the leap.

The Gilis: A backpacker’s haven

Depositphotos_85026968_s-2015The Gili Trawangan, the Gili Meno, and the Gili Air compose the Gilis, a group of three islands most famous for beachgoers from around the world. A lot of people are impressed of the wondrous sights in and around the islands as well as the activities enveloped within. It also boosted tourism significantly that Gili Islands accommodation were made to meet specific sets of standards. No matter what type of traveller you may be, you will surely feel at home spending restful holidays in the islands.

The three islands that compose the Gilis have different characteristics. Gili Trawangan, the farthermost island from Lombok, is a party paradise with various glamour activities in store. If you jump to the next island, which is Gili Meno, you will experience the opposite because the middle island offers a laidback attitude that those who want to embrace serenity would surely love. On Gili Air, the one closest to Lombok, there is a well-developed local community that will keep you well-supplied of the comforts you would love to have while on vacation. The varying characteristics of those three destinations also mirror the differences in Gili Islands accommodation.

Choosing the brand of comfort you want and the features that you need to feel at home will help you determine what type is most suitable to you. To be able to negotiate for the best price, you must book early. Gili Islands, Bali, and other Indonesian travel hotspots may demand an expensive price for accommodation, especially during peak travel seasons when the demand is higher than the supply. There are budget accommodations for backpackers but they are usually packed. As the Gilis are considered a backpacker Mecca, expect an enormous amount of competition getting a fairly-priced home in the islands.

The most luxurious Gili Islands hotels can be found in Trawangan. If you are not ready to pay for AUD or more, you may always settle for the backpacker guesthouses in Gili Air and Meno. Though, there are also some of them situated in Trawangan to offer fair priced alternatives.

The Gili Islands are truly a traveller’s paradise. If you love having sun-kissed skin or soaking up outdoors to indulge in water activities such as surfing, snorkelling, and diving, this is the place for you to unwind, recharge, and most importantly, have fun!


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