Getting away from it all is what a vacation is all about. The beauty of Kangaroo Island aims to take your breath away, along with tension and stress in your body. It is awe-inspiring in its simplicity. Kangaroo Island accommodation is a one of a kind beach resort aims to please, with its features and amenities ably supporting the natural wonder of the place.

The pristine scenery and water is both comforting and breathtaking. The lodge was designed to be part of the landscape. It is not intrusive, and does not interfere with the natural lay of the land. The manmade structure fits the land without disrupting the view. The floor to ceiling view somehow does not diminish the spacious rooms.


Staying at Kangaroo Beach lodges affords complete privacy. Kangaroo Island accommodation has exclusive lodges that a couple can reserve. The facilities allow for as many as 8 people. The lodgings are set atop a cliff, and every bedroom opens out to the sea. The view is simply spectacular. Urban dwellers cannot begin to understand words on paper that describe the sea as seen from your own bed. It is a different experience when the first thing you see in the morning is the drama of the ocean waves.

For the first-time visitor, there is no doubt that Pristine Beach Kangaroo Island is a five-star resort. It is obvious that this is a fun-place, with understated elegance, and a view to helping the acclimatized with the place. All the comforts of home are here. Top-of-the-line Bosch appliances are used to furnish the lodge. It has a coffee maker as well as a bread maker. A complete line of home media entertainment center is also present. For home entertainment, there is also a widescreen plasma TV, along with a cable TV connection. For those who cannot afford to be disconnected, they would be happy to know that the place has wifi connection as well.

For entertaining inside your Kangaroo Island accommodation, there is a mini-bar stocked with wines, beer and cider, all locally sourced. The four bedrooms all have king-sized double beds, and sheets made from high quality cotton. The three bathrooms all have a view of the ocean. On top of that, there is also an additional outdoor shower.

The layout of the lodge is well thought out, and designed around the possible number of guests. The living area is found at the center of the lodge, with the master bedroom on one end, and three other bedrooms at the other. Right beside the living room are the kitchen and dining area. These are luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island can offer to the weary traveler. The various bedrooms have their own decks, and there is another deck centrally located and adjoining the dining area. Thoughtful design meets natural sensibilities in the Kangaroo Beach Lodges.

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