Bali never lost its charm and had stayed vibrant and sophisticated despite the steady influx of tourists each year. Which is why, it is always a great idea to consider Bali as your next adventure destination and start looking for Seminyak hotels that will fit within your travel budget.

Swimming pool of tropical resortWhen booking for any hotel, it is best that you learn from the travel experts so that you get the best accommodation without hurting your budget. Sad to say, Hotels in Bali are notorious in not having a fixed price as they size up customers first before declaring the tariff. Such scenario can be avoided when you book online and here are tips to get the best deals:

  1. Check for discounts and affiliations. Credit card companies usually offer huge discounts with partner establishments. A professional organization or alumni membership could also be your ticket to grab. It wouldn’t hurt to do a little research about current deals so you can get instant savings.
  2. Book a hotel in Bali and negotiate for upgrades. Especially when you are traveling during an off-peak season, booking the fanciest may not be necessary. You can just have a regular room then talk to the manager upon check-in. It will help to mention that the trip is for a special occasion, or tip in advance so you can sweet-talk your way to a nicer room.
  3. Seminyak hotels are quite popular but there are days when they seem to come short of guests thereby offering online price drops. Regularly check for these price drops as you browse through booking sites. You may get lucky one day and score an elegant hotel.
  4. Most of the best hotels in Bali are already fully booked even during the non-peak season. Instead of feeling low about having to settle for a so-so hotel, why not try your luck with villa rentals? Expats tend to rent out their villas for a few weeks and you may contact the landlord and make a deal that is much cheaper than staying in a hotel.
  5. If you are keen on having deals for Seminyak hotels, sign up for Bali travel newsletters where they usually feature information about current accommodation promos.

A nice Bali vacation demands a lot of preparation when you are traveling within a specified budget. Save a lot by booking, at least, weeks ahead of your tour so you can do a bit of research to find great deals for your trip.

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