A tourist with an international driving license would find traveling to Tasmanian Island a perfect way to get most from his driving skills especially when he visits Hobart City. Hobart is Tasmania’s capital city and with a car hire in Hobart, a tourist who’s car-crazy will surely love going around with a fancy car and would find Salamanca market as the happiest place to dine, drink, and dance the night away.

car_au2Hobart is a proud city having the 1,270 foot-high Wellington Mountain as a background and it’s blessed with gorgeous waterways. Driving around with a car hire Hobart is a great pleasure to discover and meet the city’s hipsters who usually own or run a hippie bar or art studio with Tasmania’s hippie crafts and culture. A typical hippie tourist would certainly not resist the temptations to buy and bring home Tasmania’s ceramic and woodcrafts, quality preserved and fresh foods, secondhand hippie goods that are made and sold by the city’s practicing and self-proclaimed hipsters. With them, people-watching is another great experience when in Hobart.

With great and gorgeous waterways, Hobart also offers great kayaking adventure. A kayaking-crazy tourist is given two options to choose: a half-day or full day kayaking trip around the city’s waterways while on board a vessel or paddling his way through the wild and breathtaking wilderness routes. Trips usually start from the city center and a car hire Hobart would be a good choice to hop around from one ferry station to another. After an engaging kayaking adventure, exploring Mt. Wellington is another great way to experience the city’s great hiking and cycling routes.

A tourist who had experienced Perth’s Swan River and Darling Creek would easily compare the experience especially when driving from one hiking point to another with car hire Perth, and would find it hard to judge which gives the better water adventure. However, after the experience, both experiences allow everyone the great views of Australia’s famous mountains – Mt. Wellington and Mt. Eliza. Besides the great mountain’s view, both cities are proud of its natural parks that serve as picnic grounds for everybody. Driving restrictions also apply in Hobart just like when a tourist book a car hire from car rental in Adelaide to go from one chocolate factory to another or when visiting Haigh Chocolate factory, Adelaide’s famous chocolate factory. Only those with valid international driving license are allowed to drive in Hobart.

A tourist who wishes to get hold of Tasmanian’s experience would find Hobart as a good starting point as every good thing in the island begins from Hobart.

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