Backpacker tours in Japan is beyond doubt a captivating experience. More than seventy percent of Japan mainland is covered by high volcanic mountains and snowcapped peaks; and these mountains, still act as an important religious and traditional significance as well as offers a paradise and enthusiastic adventure. In Japan, backpacking may tend to be expensive but fortunately, there are some travel hacks that will enable you tour the country cheap and there is even another way you can tour Japan mainland for free.

The amazing thing about Japan is the perfect mix of traditional mediaeval events with that of a lively, technological advancement of this country. The cities in Japan are extremely unique; they sparkle and pop with liveliness. Tokyo is a high-tech wonderland of incredible transport, tall buildings and dazzling lights. Just a few miles from Tokyo lies Kyoto, the ancient Japanese city. Most hitchhikers begin their adventure in Tokyo. The city of Nara is illuminated by Geishas who still roam in the streets in traditional outfits, temples are located in tranquil bamboo forests and it seems like you may have a chance to meet a group of marauding Samurai at any time.

If you would like to witness the cherry blossoms, you’d better have your backpacking tours in Japan between the month of March and May. Therefore, how precisely do you plan your budget and how are the travel costs in Japan going to be?

Accommodation is quite costly in Japan but there are a number of good options designed for backpackers. A bed inside a ten bed residence will cost you around $30. If you choose to reserve with a hostel I vouch for the chain ‘K’s House’ as they’ll hand you a loyalty card enabling you to yield savings all the way through the country.

Food may perhaps be expensive in Japan, the cheapest food is found at quite a number of 7/11s gracing in every street. You can have pizza slices and rice balls and you’ll be able to consume around $8 a day for food. Besides, there is a variety of cheap restaurants where you will possibly obtain a meal for approximately $12.

Transport can be less costly provided that you plan ahead, you can without doubt save your cash. The most appropriate way to travel is by metro and train and purchasing a Japan Rail Pass in advance can save your money. It’s indeed wise to think of this before you plan for your trip. Likewise, there are some multi-day rails that are for the most part used for moving around the country with speed and comfort. The most suitable form of transport budget for main distances is by bus; I endorse using Willer buses since they are the cheapest means of transport around and they travel day and night thus saving your money on somewhere to stay. When booking buses, make sure you book them earlier as this is at all times the cheapest means of transport.

Many tourist attractions in Japan have high entrance fee charges, so choose what you would like to see carefully. Possibly the most appropriate options backpackers would like to discover Japan deeply and enjoy their living in this truly amazing country is to learn TOEFL courses online. These courses will uncover a wide range of prospects and you can discover teaching work when you travel to Japan.

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