With more than 6.2 millions of tourists coming over to enjoy Australia, it is but a certified travel haven. Among the reasons why is the fine dining places that are spread across the down under continent. World travelers are unanimously sharing great dining experience on these Australian dining places, and most are finding spaces on different food and restaurant guide like Sydney restaurant guide for sole reason of best food and finest wine offers.

New South Wales and Canberra

modern contemporary High class fine dining restaurant interiorWhat makes NSW and Canberra dining places special is their direct access to fishing fleet, which makes Sydney a seafood central. It is very difficult to walk away from a table in a Harbourside restaurant in Sydney, as one will find the fresh catch of the day like crayfish, snapper, tuna , whiting, abalone, prawns, squids and blue swimmer crabs on their lunch or dinner plate.  But, that’s not the only reason the menus and entrees are irresistible but also because these restaurants are manned by topnotch chefs who had graced the pages of popular Sydney restaurant guide and food blogs, and were acknowledged for gourmet and delicious recipes and entrees.  Another reason is Hunter Valley, which is the home of Australia’s finest wine and from its great wine and brewed produce, wine pairings are beyond the standard excellence.  Great ambience, gourmet food, great wine, so what else a diner could ask for in Sydney restaurants when in New South Wales?

Brisbane, Queensland

Love coffee? Brisbane has many surprising coffee offers for everyone. Brisbane is particularly featured in Sydney restaurant guide pages for its café restaurant and shops.  Brisbane bean brewers and baristas are not only offering great tasting brewed beans but starting a new coffee culture in this down under area. In fact, coffee shops in Brisbane always get a special mention from travelers in Sydney restaurant review as one tastes the real thing sipping a cup of brewed Brisbane black beans.  And with the experience comes the jokes, and poking puns in many Brisbane’s coffee shops and that’s keeping travelers coming back. And if one wants the best tasting beef menu, Queensland’s restaurants are the best to go. Why? Queensland is famous for its cattle farms and it is Australia’s beef capital so expect to taste the world’s tastiest eye fillet steak when dining here.


One can’t get hungry or gets bored with a meal when in Melbourne as there are many fancy dining restaurants in the area. Enjoy French cuisine, Italian or Mediterranean plate for lunch or dinner scene and the cozy fireplace, classic, traditional, and contemporary decors that go with the dining experience.

With these top dining places, Australia is more of a dining haven!

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