Are you a travel enthusiast but you don’t have an idea of where to visit during your upcoming vacation? If yes, then you need to travel to New Zealand, thanks to the fact that there are plenty of things to do there. Here are top things to do in New Zealand that will make your vacation memorable and one of its kind.

1. Explore Milford Sound 

Also known as Rudyard Kipling, the Milford Sound is not only a top travel destination in New Zealand, but it is also one of the 8th wonders of the world as well. If you are like lots of visitors who visit here each year, you can either opt for a Milford Sound boat cruise or you can encounter the local wildlife as you are paddling among the steep clad-mountains where you can see magnificent waterfalls. Have you ever kayaked before? If no, this is definitely the place to start especially if you consider yourself a seasoned paddler. Kayaking here is such a breathtaking experience that you will feel as if you will never kayak anywhere else.

2. Watch whales and swim with dolphins

whales_NZNew Zealand’s South Island boasts of deep waters that provide a rich habitat for a wide array of marine life. It therefore makes New Zealand an ideal tour destination for any visitor who has never seen sperm whales, seabirds and dolphins. This is actually one of the few places in the world where you alongside your family can watch whales and swim with dolphins as well. You can also take a boat tour and experience a variety of marine life for just a few bucks.

3. Jump from a plane 

If you love skydiving, New Zealand is definitely a great travel destination for you. It is one of greatest adventure playgrounds that can seduce you even if you are usually sofa bound. There are numerous places to jump, although Taupo, which is located on New Zealand’s North Island is the nation’s skydiving capital. It offers a 12,000ft skydive to all skydivers regardless of their skydiving experience. Skydiving here isn’t only fun, but it also cheap as well, thanks to the fact that there are dozens of tour operators and hence you can skydive with as little as £76.

4. Walk the Routeburn Track 

Walking is one of New Zealand’s top activities due to its stunning sceneries. One of the country’s renowned walking tracks is Routeburn, simply because there are only a handful of places in the world that can match its beauty. There are also other major tracks such as Hollyford, Kepler and Milford, all of which have varied sceneries. Walking the Routeburn track will give you an opportunity to witness waterfalls, forested valleys with a rich variety of birdlife, spectacular mountain sceneries and turquoise-blue rivers.

5. Visit Abel Tasman National Park

The stunningly beautiful national park boasts of vast sandy beaches and lush green bush-land that is inhabited by a variety of wildlife. It also has a coast track where you can hike if you are a hiking enthusiast. There are taxis everywhere and they can pick you up at several places, hence enabling you to tour any part of the park that you want.

With these 5 top things to do in New Zealand, you will definitely have a lifetime experience once you travel to New Zealand during your upcoming vacation.