travelbugIt was my restlessness that made me want to travel. I wanted to go far far away and giving in to this restlessness, I went to trips when my work schedules have three, four or five days off. I went around the country, around Asia, across the oceans. I went with friends. I went alone. Sure enough, I was able to kill the feeling and without knowing it, it hit me. I gained something wonderful out of it-the love for travel.

Seeing new places, learning more about cultures, meeting interesting people and knowing more about myself, traveling becomes a part of me.

Since I consider traveling part of myself and like going to school all over again-to learn more facts of life, I decided to share all of these life-changing and enriching experience to other people who will one day discover the love of it.

This is my personal travel journal, my way of helping out people evolve into an eager traveler and who’s looking forward to a wealth of experience that is priceless. I write everything about my trips, the whole experience laced with vivid colors of all the memories I have collected from the different trips I have done through the years I was such a restless soul.

Allow me to share this to you and together let’s find a way to escape and becomes an eager traveler. Thanks to Forbrugslån Online