Planning on an adventurous trip? Well, travel to Australia one of the best destinations you can visit during summer. The reason as to why traveling to Australia is worth your time and other resources is due to its famous long summer months. In fact, most tourists consider Australia as a paradise due to the long summer that runs from November to April. A unique aspect of Australia is that the Aussies still enjoy the sun even during winter. In addition to the long summer months, Australia boasts of wild adventures consisting of deserted red plains, unique cities and some of the world’s greatest beaches. Traveling to this country has always been easy due to its global connection. The ease of travel can be attributed to the large airports in cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. It is also easy to visit these cities due to their proximity to the coast. The following are some of the Australia’s best summer festivals.

Australian surf festival


This festival has been identified as one the world’s best festivals. Usually characterized by the epic scenery, first-class waves and the cool surf scene vibes. Surfing festival has always been a success as a result of the three surf-able coastlines in Australia. The festival kick starts with the ” mixing of the waters’, a traditional ceremony. The ceremony also know as ho’okupu, is usually presided over by team managers from each state. The managers mix water from each local beach to symbolize peace during the festival. The surf festival consists of significant events such as Surf Fest at Merewether, the Byron Bay Surf Fest and the Quicksilver Pro on the Gold Coast. Additionally, over 400 surfers participate in various events like the surf masters titles, Alaia titles and the longboard titles. The surfing festival offers some of the surfing lifestyle- related benefits. Such benefits include salt-buffed skin and the sea-bleached hair.

WOMADelaide festival

WOMADelaide festival takes place from 11th to 14th March annually. It involves a delightful and a hilarious festival in the Adelaide Botanic Park. The Adelaide Botanic Park is one of its kind due to its location in the middle of a major city. The event involves more than 30 countries who showcase their unique and incredible talents. Some of the events involved are the taste of the world, kid-zone, the planet talks and the nurturing voyage of discovery for different ages. During the four days of the festival, WOMADelaide also uses eight stages to play world music, reggae and other global music styles.

The Meredith Music Festival and Golden Plains

This festival is usually celebrated on 11th and 13th of December and 7th to 9th of March. Ideally, it is one the best boutique music festivals in Australia. The festival is also characterized by Meredith also referred to as ‘Aunty’ and the cousin Golden Plains. Both deliver an ecstatic performance that plays an integral role in luring the Bohemian tribes of the Melbourne to this festival. Typical features of this festival include the creative and outstanding costumes of the participants and the all-nude Meredith gift.

Availability of the above festivals has proven to be the main reason as to why foreigners travel to Australia. Furthermore, there exists other Australia’s best summer festivals like the Australian independent music festival, Australian science festival, Australian beer festival, Margaret River Gourmet Escape and the MONA FOMA festival.