Bathrooms are an essential part of any establishment and business owners should understand that many customers are more discerning when it comes to this area. Freestanding baths are something that hotels should have as they are space efficient and comfortable. It is certainly one of the latest in bathroom design.

Apart from the bed, the wall design, and the looks of the pieces of furniture of a hotel, the bath also plays a big role in the overall look of the room and in the guest’s experience as well. Thus, if you really want to give your accommodation business a boost and give guests a more pleasant stay, you might want to consult professionals like ACS bathrooms. Bathroom design experts like them could give you a wide variety of options in your bath’s design or if you are more adventurous, you could consult professional bath designers to customize a bath design that will suit your needs and taste more. Here are some ideas if you are considering to renovate your bathrooms.

Add a Touch of Nature

A white and plain bathroom is boring. Why not place some potted green plants or flowers beside your freestanding baths? Plants are not just for gardens but they can also be a good addition to a bathroom because they do not just allow guests to feel like they are closer to nature as they take a bath but having them in the bathroom could also improve the guests’ health and reduce their stress after a long day.

Make it More Dramatic

white_bath1A white bathroom interior color is common as it gives the feeling of cleanliness. But having an all-white bathroom would also make guests feel like the accommodation that you provided them is just the same as the other hotels they have been to. Adding accent colors would be the solution. You can add colored freestanding baths or basins, for example. Doing would also give you a stronger branding.

Be Edgy

Plain bathrooms are so last season. Make your guests say “wow” by adding basins or bathtubs that have unconventional designs. It would make your hotel’s bathrooms more unique and guests will surely not forget their stay.

There are so still so much you can do to up your hotel’s bathroom game. It is easy to do DIYs but calling experts in baths in Sydney and in other places for a hand in your bathroom’s design would be much better. They have more designs up their sleeves and they can give you more effective solutions.