breast-augmentationMovies and the media portray a woman with large, full breasts as a woman who is in her sexual prime. Would you like to look and feel sexier? Want to increase your sex appeal? Breast implants are your answer!
Small breasted women often don’t feel as sexy as their large breasted sisters, despite how physically fit they are. Our media conveys the message that big breasts enhance a woman’s sex appeal. It doesn’t matter how petite a woman is or how curvy her body might be, the majority of society says she is not sexy without cleavage and large breasts. Therefore, if you want to project society’s image of a sexy, feminine woman in her prime, you might want to consider breast implants.

It is true; you can diet and exercise yourself into great shape so that you can wear a skimpy bikini on the beach. But no matter how much you exercise, you just can’t increase your breast size through exercise. Only breast implants can permanently give you the beautiful, round, full breasts that most women (and men!) idealize.

However, while wanting large breasts to attract higher quality men is okay, it is really all about how the breast implants will make you feel. You should only opt to have the implant surgery if you really want them. Breast implants will boost your sex appeal and self esteem, but they ultimately do so because they elevate your own level of self confidence!

Have you considered the downside of having implants? Sure, you will acquire beautiful, fuller breasts and feel more sexy and feminine, but you will also have the side effects of pain and discomfort while you heal during the recovery process. Your physical activities will be restricted (no more jumping rope or playing on a trampoline). In addition, you have the potential for chronic neck and back pain from muscles that are not used to supporting the extra weight on your chest. You may even suffer unforeseen complications years down the road from either the implants or the surgical procedure.

If you are seriously considering breast implant surgery, do your own research. The internet is a great tool for finding information, but it is not always reliable. Not everyone is releasing information that is accurate or verifiable. If a website is selling something – a product or service – the information might very well be slanted to achieve a sale. Also, technology advances so quickly that any information out there could realistically be out of date.

When you’ve gathered significant information, take your research and speak to an expert – a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation. The best source for a referral is to ask a woman who has actually undergone breast augmentation surgery. If you don’t know of anyone who has had the surgery, ask your family doctor for the name of a reliable breast augmentation surgeon. If need be, you can always go online to the American Board of Plastic Surgeons website and search their member list. The surgeons listed on their website have extensive and training in breast augmentation and have become board certified in the procedure.

Once you have the name of an actual surgeon, you will need to call and schedule an appointment. Most surgeons do not charge for their initial consultation. This appointment is a very important interview, both for you and the doctor; he will be assessing your readiness for surgery, and you will be assessing whether or not he is the best surgeon for your needs. Bring a list of questions and ask each one of them. Does he answer them thoroughly and in a language you easily understand? Do you feel comfortable asking for further explanations, or does the surgeon intimidate you into holding back? Most importantly, does he inspire your trust? Do you believe that he will competently perform your surgery and deliver the results as promised?