Many wedding studios are now offering cinematic wedding videos for couples who wish to make a difference in their wedding. It is a kind of wedding videography that calls for going beyond capturing wedding moments. It is a new experience not only for couples-to-be but also for viewers.  Contrary to what an ordinary wedding cinematography Sydney has been doing, cinematic wedding videos aren’t about an amazing venue, fantastic dress, and decor but it’s about the couple, the people they love and surrounding story behind a love story.

Depositphotos_46394019_s-2015Cinematic wedding videos had gotten rid of seeing too much footage. With a 3-5 minutes wedding trailer, it cuts off a lot of post-production time. Besides, a wedding cinematography Sydney really won’t need a ton of footage but only the right shots. Shooting cinematic wedding videos may require special tools and gears but those who have been well-experienced simply apply the golden rule of being light and fast.  Using a glidecam that is a very light camera; a wedding cinematography shooting cinematic wedding videos can easily switch back and forth and move fast when angling for shots or when changing lenses.

One of the best characteristics of a quality cinematic wedding videos is that all shots are natural, which is far from usual overly forged and staged shots. This is because many wedding cinematography Sydney use a cinematic camera with cinematic profile and lenses. This special but light camera has lenses that allow automatically shallow depth of the field thus enabling the cameraman to shoot great natural shots.

Cinematic wedding videos always include these “must-haves” like how people anticipate the expected event such as “the Kiss” and the emotions, as the wedding scenes are unfold in every shot. They’re not just seeing wedding videos but a love story being told by candid, natural and at the moment’s shots. And because weddings are an emotional event, cinematic wedding videos never missed a single emotion through creative and beautiful post production showing off the smiles, laugh, and tears of both the couple and the people surrounding them at this special day.

The secret lies on how the eyes behind the camera make use of his creativeness in capturing and timing the shots. The finish product is a wedding film that is void of distractions but full of memories to last a lifetime.

Watching cinematic wedding videos is not only an engaging experience but also something that will make one fall in love all over again.

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