The Australian State of Tasmania is a rich and beautiful location that has many beauties to offer and can be accessed thanks to many stay and play golf packages. While golfing isn’t the only activity you can enjoy to fully get immersed in Tasmania, it is definitely the best introduction you can ever get. Here are some of the best packages that you can easily avail yourself of without any hassle.

Melbourne Sandbelt

One of the best golf packages in Victoria includes the Melbourne Sandbelt. It is definitely a must-visit for any golf enthusiasts as it offers the best golf courses in Australia.

To enjoy this, we highly recommend getting this particular package that costs $1925 a person. It includes six nights of a hotel stay which is definitely more than enough to uncover everything that the Melbourne Sandbelt has to offer. It also has a total of 4 rounds of golf play which is just the right amount, even for casual golfers.

Mornington Peninsula

Combining the Sandbelt and the Mornington Peninsula seems like a great idea. Both of these locations are already huge, but you can still be able to experience the best that they have in just a week.

Costing $2135 a person, this package is very worth it, considering that you will be able to explore two places at the right time. The package has seven nights of hotel accommodation combined with five rounds which may sound like a lot, but because of the location, you’ll definitely end up wanting more.

You may also want to try one of the best golf weekend packages you can find in Australia. Just for $835 a person, you can enjoy the beauty of the Peninsula in just three days. Since it’s only a weekend getaway, you only have three nights of stay and also rounds of golf play. It might be minimal, but for its price, we can definitely say that it’s worth it.


This Australian city hosts a lot of golf courses that are mostly untouched by many golfers around the world. Here, you’ll be able to try out playing in the 13th beach and also Lonsdale.

You can enjoy Geelong after a rough work week with its three nights stay and play golf packages that also include three rounds of golf play. Everything that is included in the package will be all yours with a payment of $960 a person.

With many golfers going to Australia from around the world, we all know that not everyone has the same tastes in locations and also the scenery when it comes to stay and play golf packages. That’s why there’s a very handy customized package selection that you can easily access through your favorite travel agency or golf course provider. Just make sure that you state every preference that you have so that you’ll have the best golf weekend ever.