I’m a 34-year old working mom of two and, with years of being wonder mom of sorts, I was confident that I could deal with anything – especially with my new baby. Oh how wrong I was about all that. But, believe it or not (and I swear I am not exaggerating), my whole existence became oh-so-easy with baby bags Australia.

vanchi1But first, let me tell you about how I was able to deal with not having this amazing contraption (is what I really call it) when I had my first two.

When my eldest was born, my mother was with me all the time, helping me out. I gave birth to my second child six years after the first. With that spacing, taking care of the new baby was not so stressful. There were changing bags then already but I never thought of buying it because it looked so much like any big bag that I had.

And then I had my new baby when my second is only two. That was a huge problem especially when we’re all out. Pulling my second around with one hand while my new baby is wrapped around me on a carrier is a pain.

All the big bags I once used were rendered useless. Rummaging for the milk bottles, pulling out diapers and extra clothes from those bags were a huge source of stress for me.

Then I saw this mother who had the same quandary as I was (a toddler and a baby with her, too) and she seemed unfazed by it all.

So I asked how she did it. And all she did was show me her baby bags Australia. I knew, at that exact second, that I had to have one of those.

Luckily, we were in a mall at the time. So I asked the sales lady in the department store and she showed me several options. From the outside, it seemed like one of my old big bags. But the interior wowed me. These baby bags Australia had all the right compartments for bottles, baby milk dispensers, diapers and so many more! It came in different shapes, sizes and colors so all moms out there will have their choice.

I went for one of those leather nappy bags because it suits me well. It even had a flat compartment that I thought would be great for my laptop. Seriously, this is a great invention and it has saved my life.