trufflesYes, you guessed it right. Italy it is! Hunting for truffles has turned out to be a passion for so many of the locals in Italy. Often man’s best friends that are really the best when it comes to such a hunting are specially trained pigs (truffle hogs) , lately the dog breed Lagotto Romagnolo, have also gained a name for themselves in this forte. However, you travelers need not bother as such a use of hogs is banned since 1985 as they are known to damage the mycelia of the truffles while digging. So your travel to Italy doesn’t end up at finding yourself a four- legged friend. Now- days, widely available are the specially charted, custom designed tours to craft a sheer pleasurable experience for you.

The countryside offers a grand view of the rolling hills, spread out into a lush green blanket, weaved in by the beautifully structured boundaries of the clean, well- maintained farms with the choicest and freshest of Italian local ingredients. Not to miss the picturesquely popping red roofs of very cozy little and some huge cottages of the proud farmers.

Italy is a home to around 1500 lakes. You can ask the locals or your tour guide for the top in rank lakes out of the 1500. Garda, Maggiore, Como, Trasimeno to name a few. Don’t forget to have your travel itinerary planned such that you won’t miss a dive or two in the tempting, icy blue, spread of the lakes. And, if you can’t swim, your spirit definitely will forget all worries and sway to these reflecting beauties of the creation.
Italian country sides are definitely something to look forward to, but the big city that wasn’t built in a day- Rome is also a delight not worth missing. You might also want to visit the beautifully structured cities in Italy namely, Venice, Milan, Turin, Tuscany, Sicily, Amalfi coast, and the famous riviera.

Without any doubt, Italian is the most famous and most loved cuisine throughout the whole world. Name a place in any corner of the world where you won’t find a pasta place or a pizza stand. But, nothing beats the ‘original’. One can’t just ignore the food when it comes down to the innumerable famous restaurants, eat outs, pizzerias at these cities that leave you wanting for more.

Hence, if a travel to Italy is your dream destination, then have no doubts about the availability of luxurious services, so that the tour can be exactly what you had imagined and much more. And, don’t let go of the cherry on the icing, definitely schedule your appointment with a truffle hunter who will guide you through the beautiful whispering woods and create for you the most time immemorial, unique hunting experience that you have ever had. And who knows, if he turns out to be jolly and cheerful and graceful as most Italians are, a slight ruffle in your truffles and you might end up having a very delicious, scrumptious, traditional, culinary treat offered to you as a warm gesture.