When people think of holidays, they immediately associate it with a lush tropical paradise, relaxing massages and sun bathing in the beach. This kind of life is epitomized by Bali, Indonesia, and this is one of the reasons why thousands if not millions fly in all year round. Apart from the great big hotels and condos in the area, there are also luxury Bali villas available for rent all through the year.

Depositphotos_42287747_s-2015The advantage of having your own villa in the area is its proximity to the beach and all the activities that happen there. The beachside bars and restaurants abound in Bali, and living near the area means that everything is just a stone’s throw away from where you are. Your luxury Bali villas may even be just a few steps away from family restaurants if you are traveling with your entire family. Your kids can take an early dip at the ocean (before it gets too hot later in the day) while you sip your coffee from the restaurant table.

You will also be near the host of spas and relaxation centers in Bali. Treat yourself to a relaxing full body massage inside your chosen best villas in Bali and don’t be embarrassed to doze off four hours after that. This “home service” is common in Bali, and the therapists are allowed inside the villa complexes at all times of the day or night. There are also other services that you can enjoy such as facials, body scrubs, ear candling, or hot stone treatment. The applied pressure relieves stress and relaxes tense muscles. This is exactly what everyone needs when they are on a vacation.

Bali luxury villas offer the comforts of home while staying in a luxury-serviced hotel. Like a hotel, there is someone who will clean up after you and take care of your laundry. These are of course, in addition to the fees for your home’s rental. In some cases, families who rent villas in Bali also ask for access to room service since they are not particular to native food. You can have American or European meals delivered to you inside your villa. These can be pre-arranged with the front desk when you arrive, or well ahead of your arrival. You can email or fax them the kind of food that you prefer, and if anyone in the family has any form of allergy or diet restrictions.

Taking care of these small details can make your vacation truly hassle-free!