diarySince I will be sharing with you all my experiences in all of my travels, let me as well have the opportunity to make recommendations on what places are good to visit in anytime of the year. The best place to be when it’s summer time in Asia, wintertime in Europe and in between passing times in Maldives or Mediterranean or spending leisure time in places like Monaco, Las Vegas and the French Riviera.

It might look like I am somewhat promoting but the truth is I am giving out insider’s tips on what’s the best place to dine in a particular beach destinations, where to find good coach whenever you find yourself in need when engaging in a beach sport or activities like skiing and snowboarding. Let me take the burden of passing off the best experience plainly because I have been there.

I am doing the small tasks of tipping you out there where the best hotel deals and when to find such deals in the peak days when hotel prices are high and volatile.  You find it here, budget hotels that give same quality and deluxe services while living out within your means.

Since sharing is the impact of my travels, I will be sharing the best things to do in a destination other than the usual travel fares of sightseeing and walking and hiking tours. Digging this page would mean finding sources for the “unexpected” offers and privileges that a smart traveler should be having.