Make your Sydney wedding truly memorable by hiring videographer whose passion is creating beautiful and one-of-a-kind wedding. If you’re now scouting for a wedding videographer in Sydney, here’s a little checklist so that your search won’t end as futile and frustrating.

Using 2 camera operators at minimum

creative_vid2Why? This is because videographers move a lot and we all know excessive movements have great impact on camera. A slightest shake on camera could make the shot blur. If during a scene when one operator has to change position, the extra camera stays still to capture the scene without any interruption. In editing, any movement from captured images is cut so continuity of scene is not broken. If you’re talking to a wedding videographer in Sydney, ask if he will be using 2 camera operators and if so, you’re on your way to a successful find.

Filming in High Definition

Filming in high definition is not a plain demand but a must if you’re talking to a videographer for your wedding, and he’s not filming in HD, he is definitely absolute and short-changing clients. Why? HD DVD is what all are getting from their wedding videographer so why stick to someone who’s not into HD?

Using good lights

Any dim scene looks dark in film and you won’t love your video having so many dark scenes. Your wedding videographer in Sydney should be talking about using lights that are either small or large dependent on the need. Some videographers intentionally skip using lights for economic reasons and it will turn to adjusting camera’s speed that oftentimes gives the grainy mess in videos. Artistic wedding films in Sydney won’t do wedding without any light, as lighting is crucial in making brides look radiant in their wedding dress and in creating beautiful visual effects on wedding scenes like the toss, the Kiss and bride’s aisle walk.

Lapel microphone

It might sound a small thing but this small microphone called lapel is very important in bringing audio to your wedding scene. Imagine watching yourself reciting your touching vow without an audio and it’s so frustrating. Your videographer using lapel microphone definitely knows how to make everything in discreet so discuss about your Sydney wedding videography to someone who’s using lapel microphone.

Finding your Sydney videographer might take a lot of effort and using this little checklist may take off some of the hard works and end up getting the best find.