Got skin problems? Modernization has paved the way for non-invasive remedies to skin problems such as scars, wrinkles, warts, and fats. Both men and women now have the opportunity to become even more attractive. Thanks to technology.laser_therapy2

Although the benefits are clearly astounding, many people still hesitate about availing laser treatments. Probably, they have heard of horrible clinic mishaps such as burnt skin, severe pigmentation, and other irreversible damages. But, those are only rare cases. Nowadays, warts, fine lines, and acne scars removal in Sydney have just gotten better, safer, and more effective. Get to know the 3 basic laser types and their consequences to help you become better informed and prepared.

Laser resurfacing is the first type of treatment that utilizes a high-powered laser to remove the topmost skin layer that has been scarred. It also has a smoothening and tightening effect as it penetrates through the middle layers. During the procedure, you may have to wear goggles to protect your eyes, and be put under local anesthesia. Laser resurfacing is divided into two: carbon and erbium. The former is more powerful and good for deeper scars, but the recovery time is longer about 2 weeks. The latter is less powerful and ideal for shallow scars. The recovery time is shorter.

For your wrinkles, you may want to try the second type of laser treatment that is the fractionated laser resurfacing. The technology is more precise, using minute light beams to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Several microscopic holes are created in those areas where the old skin cells had been.

The technology stimulates collagen production. The recovery is faster because the healthy skin surrounding the holes also aid in the repair. This treatment is also less invasive and with the possibility of zero recovery time needed. It doesn’t even leave patches or redness of the skin. This type of laser may give you the best tattoo removal as well since it targets both the outer and inner layers of the skin. However, it is still best to consult with your dermatologist to inspect the depth and breadth of your tattoo.

The last one is called the non-ablative laser resurfacing, which utilizes lasers to treat the inner layers without touching the surface. Altogether, it initiates collagen production and skin cell replacement for the damaged cells due to scar. The procedure takes lesser time and requires zero recovery period.

The list provided may even be more extensive with several subcategories of laser therapies. There is another laser treatment for reducing or stimulating hair growth, and another one for burning fats. If before you have to go through the ordeal of applying several acids, creams, gels, and other products on your face just to get rid of wrinkles and acne scars, now you have a faster, safer, and more effective way of doing so. Now, why don’t you try it yourself here in Sydney and reveal a more youthful and flawless look.