cataract1Cataract affects thousands of people in Australia each year. Some cases are well treated with the change of eyeglasses, while some patients undergo surgeries. Cataract Sydney laser surgery is said to be a safer way to treat cataract than traditional surgery.

A lot of people prefer laser surgery for treating cataract since it is easier and it is more precise because it is computer-controlled especially in making the incision. Traditional surgery for cataract removes the cloudy eye lens through a procedure that makes use of a blade in making the incision. Then the lens is opened by hand before breaking down the cataract and then replacing it with a new one. With laser cataract Sydney surgery, the incision is more precise since it is done accurately on a specific location with specific length and depth. This also helps in reducing the risk of infection by ensuring the incision is self-sealing.

A patient is required to take cataract detection Sydney examinations since cataract is not easily noticed. A specialist will have to check on a patient’s medical history as well as his risk factors such as his age, exposure to ultraviolet rays, other diseases and conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, presence of an eye injury, and also his lifestyle. A patient will also be asked about his vision including the symptoms, their severity and on how long these symptoms have been experienced. An eye exam or visual acuity test will then be performed with the use of viewing devices or the eye chart. A patient will also be required to undergo the slit-lamp exam and the pupil dilation test.

Further, after all examinations have been performed and cataract is detected, the specialist may recommend cataract Sydney laser surgery depending on its severity. In some cases like early cataract, the vision of the patient is improved with the use of eyeglasses and lenses. There are also some cases wherein there is vision loss, and this loss significantly affects the patient’s daily activities. Such cases already do require treatment through surgery.

If you suspect possible cataract or any eye disorder, seeking medical help should always be the first step in addressing the problem.  Cataract is a condition that can be treated through early detection and proper treatment. Although traditional cataract surgery is effective, cataract Sydney laser treatment is the best option especially when you want a fast, safe, and precise treatment.

Cataract doesn’t just go with the age, you might not know you have it unless checked.