Another reason why travelers flock to Sydney is the best accommodation places the city offers. Sydney hotels do not only have well and clean beds to offer but also beautiful and well-maintained bathrooms and showers that have undergone shower waterproofing. Here is some taken from a Sydney frequent traveler whose bathroom reviews on his hotel deals entirely on his bathroom and shower.

Asking simple questions

leaky_shower2Our traveler only had a simple question. Why is the shower leaking? The manager told him it’s the fault of the previous manager who failed to hire a good shower repair service. The previous service provider wasn’t able to apply any waterproofing in the shower which is the cause of the leaks in the shower. In a few minutes after reporting about the shower leak, the manager call in a new service provider and a repairman came over wearing a uniform with Elite Shower Repairs logo. Immediately the repairman inspected the shower flooring, walls and the shower itself and gave a recommendation for shower waterproofing. The repairman found out the cement board isn’t waterproof.  Talking to repairmen, our traveler asks his simple questions if the tiling will start all over again and aren’t the tile and grout will keep the most of water out?

Simple solutions

The repairman will do a waterproofing solution to address the shower leak and it may take a whole day to finish the job so our traveler won’t be able to use the shower so he decided to go out and return before the day was over.  After being away for a whole day, he returns with shower less the leaks and enjoyed a hot water shower before retiring on his bed. In the morning, he was greeted by the manager to ask how the shower is and he simply told him he’s able to use it perfectly without leaks. Our traveler learned from the manager, the shower leak repair went fine and had saved them the day.

Shower that leaks are a very annoying experience especially to a traveler who stays in a hotel. Such experience caused bad reviews and a bad image for the property. However because many hotels and accommodation property had learned their lessons, they now hire efficient shower repairs services and get away from disturbing reviews like bad shower and leaks. Our traveler’s experience did not only lead him to write good reviews but also a good crash course on shower waterproofing and how essential it is in preventing leaks in the shower. And Elite shower repairs’ good job really made their day.

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