Traveling to Sydney, especially in my case, is always for both business and pleasure. But last month, I almost didn’t get the ‘pleasure’ part of the trip because of a printer/plotter problem that I encountered in the middle of what I was working on. As an IT technician, plotter repairs are my specialty. But, for some reason, it was so hard for me finding the root cause of this glitch in my system.

printer_repair_2My plan was to stay in Sydney for ten days. After resting on the first two days, I was supposed to work on this job for the next five days. That would leave me three days to go around and see the sights.

But on the third day of work, the printer just stopped working. I know that there must be a good printer service Sydney somewhere but, being the perfectionist that I am, I really couldn’t trust anyone else on something as important as this.

I tried figuring it out on my own for hours, to no avail. And I was getting pretty irritated. Another hour passed without any success when another IT friend of mine – a local computer genius – just told me to call a certain number. He explained that this was one of the best printer and plotter repairs in the city and that I will not be disappointed with his recommendation.

Being the agreeable guest that I am, I agreed to meet this expert the next day. I still had my doubts, of course. No one can be as good as I am when it comes to printer/plotter troubleshooting, what I was thinking. It’s my business, after all! And if no one can be as good as me, then I’m doomed.

On the fourth day of my scheduled work, my friend came over the office I was renting for the week and introduced me to this laser printer repair service man. He was so simple-looking that I honestly thought he wouldn’t be able to find a solution to this very pressing issue.

Not that I’m looking down on Aussie computer experts but I was totally surprised at what he did. After a few minutes of ‘diagnostic’ examination, checking this gear and that screw, the printer ran like a well-oiled machine. The burrs we sometimes hear printers make are absolutely gone. And the charge was not ostentatious either.

So if you’re in Sydney for business like me, give those plotter repairs services in town a call. Because I am telling you – they are just amazing.