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Guests and travelers have one common goal in choosing their accommodation and that is a convenient stay. Whether they travel alone or with groups, they prefer accommodations that offer the best amenities like full bathrooms and spacious living areas. Now that dining is part of vacation experience, a well-design kitchen with attractive accessories like standard cabinets or the luxurious Miele kitchen cabinets is a big plus in their decision of booking an apartment studio or two-bedroom accommodation property.

Standard kitchen

I-shaped kitchen is a standard layout and design for the small and mid-size kitchen area. It has flat cabinets, sinks, and working areas not necessarily a kitchen island. It has a basic cooking stove or range, a microwave, and small refrigerator. Countertops are of wood or marble tiles that are easy to clean and maintain for economic reasons. Apartment studio type of single-room units has this type of kitchen design as most of the guests are busybodies that are always on the go.

Eat-in Kitchen

Honeymooners love to stay inside their room or apartment studio rather than go out and cooking their meals together for the first time makes their stay more memorable and romantic that’s why Eat-in kitchen is best for these types of guests and if the property specifically caters to honeymooners or couples. The eat-in kitchen has a kitchen island with stools for dining and food preparations. Luxurious honeymoon resort properties add Miele kitchen cabinets for that elegant look and built-in range, bigger refrigerator or freezer for guests in groups like families. These types of travelers treat cooking not only for the pleasure of eating home-cooked meals but also for leisure and entertaining.  The eat-in kitchen is among the top modern kitchen designs for aesthetics and practical value.

Open kitchen designs

Many contemporary and standard kitchens in accommodation properties have been renovated to meet guests’ demands and needs. Sydney renovations in Sydney turn these small and traditional kitchens into an open kitchen which has the furniture-like feel and allows more mobility as there are no walls and are open from one or more sides. It is usually adjacent to the living room and the dining room. It is a space saver, too and guests that love entertaining prefer this type of kitchen in their accommodation.

With eating and dining and cooking as part of a vacation, accommodation properties are now adding more features in their property’s kitchen and Miele kitchen cabinets, which are elegant addition which ensures bookings and repeats bookings.