There is always something unique about København. It is one of the best tourist destination and the capital city of Denmark. The city has museums, good hotels, great sceneries, parks and zoo’s among other attractions. The vast city has some of the world’s best features and a very friendly community. Anytime is good time to visit the city but most appropriately, the months between May and September are considered the best.

Here are some of the places and things to do in København Denmark that will make your stay more memorable:

koebenhavnThe best way to know about a place or a thing is to look at it’s past. There is no better place than the Museum. The National Museum has exhibitions dating back from the stone age and going through to the modern history. You will love to know that there is an open air museum, which is one of the oldest and biggest in the world. Other places that have rich history about the glorious city are: Post and Tele museum, The National Gallery of Denmark, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art among other historical places. Zoological and Geological museum with collections of minerals meteorites and fossils are available for view.

They bring out the best architectural work one can possibly see. Some of the buildings may be old, but a treasure to the city. One such place is the Amalienborg Palace, a piece of great work. The round tower has been in existence for many years, it was constructed as an observatory tower and is still functioning up too date. Castles that had been built by various kings are still in good shape and ready for viewing. They may be old but they tell so much about the city and the country at large.

If you visit the city and you do not get to Tivoli amusement park, then you may not have much to say about having fun in the glorious city. There is so much to do here and you will absolutely love it. The park is only a few minutes’ walk from the City Hall. Bakken is the other top amusement park to have fun. The 431 years old park is still on its high when it comes to giving your stay here most memorable. København zoo gives home to over 3000 animals. Here, you will have the honor to see; monkeys, king of the jungle: lion, hippos, polar bears and so many others. Take some time to visit Den Bla Planet. It is one of the largest Aquarium in the Nothern Europe and is surrounded with water.

After a long day of touring, you will need to rest. The city has the best hotels to stay, eat the world’s best delicacies and drinks while you wish away the day. Nyhavn Restaurant is a perfect place to do that. For your shopping as you plan to take your leave. Visit Stroget shopping street. The street is one of the longest pedestrian street with shops offering you a friendly buying price. Whether you have your own car or you are hiring one, it is important that you be familiar with the traffic rules and regulations of the country. I would advise that you hire a local driver to take you round.

There is no doubt that København is a great city for holidays. It offers the best hotels, and you will have a lot of places to see and things to do. as you make your plan to visit the city, i can assure you that you it is a place worth visiting.