wellness_retreatEmotional health and well-being is absolutely complimentary to our physical health and healing. Even if we are fitness freak and stick to proper diet and lifestyle, its not necessary to be able to achieve our body’s ideal healing if we are mentally not happy. In fact, nowadays, since we are so busy with our life that we often neglect our physical health and the mental health already gets corroded with the amount of stress we have to deal with.There are various wellness retreats around the world .Mental restlessness can give birth to a number of physical health issues. For example, anxiety and frustrations may lead to increased heart rate, faster breathing and palpitations. This could trigger hypertension or blood sugar. High levels of stress also cause thyroid disorder. In general, regular suppression of emotions or living under negative effects lowers the immune system of the body, increases arthritis pain, heart disease and causes inflammation too. The best ways to avoid these dangerous situations is through letting go of all the negative emotions. This is called emotional healing and it is not possible through any medication. It’s a process where you relax. This is where the Trivedi Effect phenomenon comes in to rescue you. It works on your mental and physical health by improving the wellness factor. The energy radiations by the thought process fill you with a sense of peace and contentment. These sessions are conducted by the Trivedi Healers„ who have the unique and outstanding capabilities of transforming a human life. Stress causes a number of emotional disorders like anxiety and depression. It hampers positive thinking and causes distress. But one good thing among all this chaos is that the people have started understanding the aspects of emotional disorder and mental problems. There have many ways and solutions too that have come up in accordance with the problems. Yoga and meditation to mental health retreats everything has found a new address in the society is sought after by many people.

There are many programs through which you can select across the various wellness retreats around the world like the monthly enhancement program, an evening of transformation, Trivedi Masters Program, the Healers Mastery Program, Programs for kids and some more intense program like the Remote Individual Energy Program. Each program is specifically and efficiently designed to transform human free of negativity and distress. Every program will make you come out as a confident and strong person ready to face any challenges in life. The spiritual aspect of the energy transmissions is useful in discovering your potentials and alleviates all problems from your mind. The Trivedi Effect® is the most natural phenomenon of transforming lives of all living and non living things. Its significant impact has been recognized all around the world including the scientists. There are millions of people around the world who have experienced improvement in their mental, physical, emotional, social and sexual life and are leading a happy life. It is a solution for almost all fields of life including cancer, agriculture problems, material science, genetics and microbiology along with health and wellness.